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Cell Phone Spyware What Is it

Posted by Mobile Phone Spy - April 27, 2011 - Mobile Phone Spy

Cell Phone Spyware

What Is Cell Phone Spyware

What Is Cell Phone Spyware

It’s easy to install cell phone spyware on any ones mobile phone; once the application is installed it will generally bury its self deep within the operating system of the mobile phone. The  spyware then becomes incredibly difficult to find or uncover, you could say it makes its self invisible and undetectable.  software is more or less the same as some of the spyware that can affect computers, such as key loggers and other such spyware that will log keystrokes and log passwords and login information.

Good or Bad Cell Phone Spyware

The difference with Spyware on a mobile phone is that t is installed on your or another person’s phone, once application has been installed it will as mentioned bury itself deeply and become silent, you won’t know it’s there or the victim won’t know it’s there, working in the background silently logging and sending information back to the person who installed it or set it up. If all this makes application sound sinister then let’s see in what circumstances it can be used for good. We will also take a look at what mobile phone spy can do, and what are the limitations.

Who Uses Cell Phone Spyware and Why?

This software could be used by many different people, and for lots of reasons. Lets take a look at a few of them:

1. Cell phone spyware and cheating spouses, you suspect your partner is cheating and you don’t have the proof. Lets also say you could be wrong here, you maybe way out, and thinking or suspecting things that are not true. By installing the application you would have access to all phone records such as calls made and received including names if they are in the address book if not then numbers.

You will also be able to get a record of all Txt or Sms messages sent or received, the software will record the actual text and the number it has been sent to or received from.  That is a little of the feature of the mobile phone spy.

2. Cell phone spyware and your kids, one of the amazing things this application can do is actually track the location of a phone, any parent these days will love this feature of cell phone spyware. Just imagine install a little bit of software and you will always know where your kids are and exactly who they are talking to and when. Oh and I nearly forgot this…it’s possible to track the cell phone with Google maps.

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3. Cell Phone Spyware and your Business, If you have your own business then you will know how important it is to keep costs down, if your employees have company owned mobile phones you will want to be sure they are being used for work, and not for making unlimited calls to all and sundry. Installing cell phone spyware will let you see in real time where your money is going and who amongst your employees is abusing the system.
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