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Mobile Phone Spy How It Works And What Can It Do

Posted by Mobile Phone Spy - February 3, 2012 - Mobile Phone Spy

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What Can Mobile Phone Spy Do For You

Mobile phone spy-if you been watching television lately, especially the news programs you will have seen several reports about mobile phones spy software. We have to say that this is not some sort of James Bond gadget, this software is currently being used by worried and concerned parents, by employers to keep track of employees, and of course by people who are concerned their partners may be being unfaithful. Mobile phones spy has a lot of uses, and at times can be a lifesaver.

Mobile Phone Spy And Cell phone tracking

Tracking A Cell Phones Location

Just imagine if you could see exactly where your kids are, I mean right down to the street, mobile phone spy uses network signals combined with GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of the cellphone. Combine this feature with Google maps and you are able to track your kids location to a couple of hundred feet. Just imagine the relief and the peace of mind that would give you knowing exactly where your kids are all the time, all you would have to do is log on to your laptop computer or PC and it’s right in front of you the exact location of your kids. Apply this to businesses and you can see exactly where your sales force is, are they going to be late for a meeting or are they exactly on time, keep your client informed, this is fantastic public relations for you and your business, and not only this you will know at all times that your employees are safe and know where they are supposed to be. How about this”hello darling and going to be late, and working at late at the office tonight don’t wait up and see you later”. Is it true, is he or she actually working late, just logon to the mobile phone spy and you will see the exact location of that cellphone and of course the person you are worried about.

Mobile Phone Spy And Cell phone tracking

Read All SMS Or Text Messages

Secret SMS text messages are no longer secret, because you can read them any time you want to, you don’t need to have the phone to read them logon to your account and read all messages, even if they’ve been deleted, yes it’s true, even if they’ve been deleted you can still read them. You can save them, you can copy them, you can print them. You can read these messages in near real-time as they are received on the phone, you will get your copy to read.

Remotely Block All SMS And Text Messages

Let’s suppose, you would rather your kids did not receive SMS text messages from a certain person, without even having the phone in your possession, you can block that person from sending text messages to your kids phone. You can remotely block any SMS or text message from arriving on your kids phone. They would never even know the message has been sent, and they would never ever know it’s been blocked.

Block Anything You Deem Unsuitable

The online control panel of mobile phone spy allows you to easily block sexual and violent content, you don’t need to have the phone in your possession, it can all be done remotely via the online control panel of mobile phone spy.

Mobile Phone Spy And Cell phone trackingWebsite History

Mobile phone spy’s online control panel allows you to view a full website history, you will be able to see which sites have been visited when they were visited and how long they were visited for, all within the online control panel. Which by the way is very easy to use.

Call History

The excellent online control panel, allows you to see in near real-time all ingoing and outgoing calls, the time the call was made or received, who the call was from, who the call was made to, if the phone’s address book as a name for that particular number it will show you the name and number, failing that just the number.

Mobile Phone Spy And Cell phone tracking

What Else Can Mobile Phone Spy Do?

Some other features and services of the mobile phone spy, and easy-to-use and intuitive online control panel, where you can adjust and see all information pertaining to that particular mobile phone. This setup is easy and simple, and you don’t need to be a technical wizard to install the software on the phone. It’s really quite simple to do, and best of all once installed the user will never know it’s there, it’s completely silent and untraceable. It won’t pop up any messages and it’s nearly impossible to find. All the information on this mobile phone is transmitted back to your online control panel, you need never see the phone again, but you can see all the information mentioned above and more. The software is invaluable if you have kids, employees, or loved ones. The peace of mind you get from knowing where your kids are all the time and who they are talking to, exchanging text messages with, and knowing which websites they are visiting, is just a relief beyond comprehension. Do not leave these things to chance, keep track keep watching keep them safe. Grab this mobile phone spy right now.