5 Reasons Every Couple, Parent and Employer Needs Mobile Phone Spy

Posted by Mobile Phone Spy on January 5, 2011

Mobile Phone Spy – Why You Need It

Parents, have you ever wondered exactly what your children are up to? Mobile Phone Spy can tell you. Have you noticed them sending text messages and then worried about what those messages contained? Do you suspect that your children are viewing inappropriate websites on their phone? Mobile Phone Spy will help you.

Mobile phone spy

See How Mobile Phone Spy works

Employers, do you ever suspect that your employees are using their company phones for more than just work? Mobile Phone Spy will tell you. Do you feel that they are using their cell phones to send messages during work hours? Mobile Phone Spy will let you know with a doubt and with proof. Do you wonder where they really go when they take two hours completing what should be a 15-minute run to the post office? Mobile Phone Spy will answer your questions. Mobile Phone Spy will let you see their exact location at all times.

Couples, Do you suspect that your other half is being unfaithful, would you rather know and be put out of your misery? Mobile Phone Spy will let you read all SMS and text messages, you can see who called, you can see who your partner has called. And so much more, But best of all Cell Phone Spy software is easy to install and is undetectable once installed.

With the new mobile phone spy, both parents and employers can rest-assured that both children and employees are where they should be, looking at sites that they should see, and keeping appropriate contacts.

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Why You Need Mobile Phone Spy

The following is a list of 5 of the top reasons why you need a mobile phone spy to help you keep up with your children or your employees.
1. In a world where predators stalk our children, the ability to read text-messages is a must for all parents. With a mobile phone spy, you can view the text-messages that your children (or employees) receive – even if the holder of the phone has deleted it. Imagine that unhappy events that could have been prevented if parents had been able to read their children’s messages; unhealthy relationships and conversations with potential predators could be much easier dealt with if parents understood the situation. Employers also have the opportunity to see exactly what employees are saying about them behind their backs.

2. Does an employee call in for sick one too many times? Mobile Phone Spy will tell you where they are. Does your teenage daughter claim to be doing homework at the library? Mobile Phone Spy can confirm that, If you want to keep up with where they are, the mobile phone spy allows you to know where the holder of the phone is while displaying the results on Google Maps. This allows you to pinpoint the location of the person you are looking for and check to see if their story really is true. If your “sick” employee is hanging out at the gym,Mobile Phone Spy will let you know, you can deal with it; if your “hard-working” daughter has snuck out to go spend time with friends at the bowling alley, you can take control with Mobile Phone Spy. Whatever the situation, your Mobile Phone Spy will let you keep up with what is really going on.

A phone spy is not only good for catching employees and kids in the act of a lie, but can also be an essential life-saver in the situation that your child becomes lost or is abducted. Loosing your eight-year-old during a vacation won’t be such a frightening experience when you can locate him using your phone spy software.

3. Mobile phone spy records every number that is registered with the phone, allowing you complete access to the holder’s mobile phone book. This lets you see exactly who your kids or employees talk to and consider important enough to put in their phone book.

4. You can see which websites the cell phone holder is visiting. This is perfect for parents who are worried about the sites their kids are looking at or employers who think their employees maybe goofing off during work hours. Knowing what your kids see online is important for every parent; if they are looking at an inappropriate site, you should be able to discuss this problem with your child and then have the opportunity to take away their internet privileges. Likewise, employers can see if workers are using their phone to view sites which are not work related.

5. With a mobile phone spy, you can also view a list of the phone numbers that your employee or child talks to; this list includes dialed and received numbers. If the number is in their mobile address book, it will also display the name associated with it. In addition to seeing who was called, you can also view details about when the call took place and how long it lasted.

Not sure that you want to know what your children are doing with their phones? If you’re like some parents, you might choose not to know what your kids are saying or looking at online. While it may be unpleasant to see what your kids are up to, it will give you the opportunity to deal with these issues before they get completely out of hand. And, who knows, you maybe surprised at how good your kids truly are!

Trust is an important part of life. Only install this software onto phones that you have given your employees or children; never abuse software by using it to spy on phones that don’t belong to you.

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Mobile Phone Spy – Put Your Mind At Ease

With mobile phone spy, you will no longer have to worry about what your children or employees are up to. Instead, you can sit back with peace-of-mind, assured that only proper phone behaviour is being used. If something inappropriate does occur, mobile phone spy will enable you to know about the situation first-hand, giving you the opportunity to deal with it in the way you decide is best. Mobile phone spy gives both parents and employers the chance to enjoy the knowledge that the phones they have entrusted to children and employees will be used in the manner they were intended. Mobile phone spy will ensure that.

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Jan 5, 2011

I have used this amazing piece of software for months, I can only say its great I see every SMS phone call.

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Jan 5, 2011

I installed this software on my daughter phone when she was going around with a bad bunch, it gave me the proof to stop her before it was to late.

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Jan 5, 2011

1. Really easy to install
2. Tracks the phone to any location
3. You cannot see it once its installed
4. Lets me relax cause I know what’s going on.

Highly recommended by me best money I ever spent…Oh and its cheap ;-)

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